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As is evident in the before and after photographs above SIMICHROME POLISH cleans even the most tarnished and dirty objects to a lustrous shine with ease and little effort.
No wonder that She who must be obeyed refuses to use anything else...
She cleans all her jewellery for sale with it - normally putting on a small dab of
SIMICHROME POLISH with a cotton wool bud and polishing with a soft cloth.
It really works on all metals and plastics... TRY IT YOURSELF

Put a small dab of the pink Simichrome Polish onto a cotton wool bud and rub on a hidden place - probably inside or on the back of the piece under test -

use the other end of the bud - if it turns yellow -
you've just paid for your tube of Simichrome polish

Your item is Bakelite...

Here is a link to a short youtube video showing exactly how to do the test


Probably the Best Metal Polish in the World
Will clean ALL METALS leaving a wonderful lustre
Tests for Bakelite -
for method see uses page
The OUTSHINING Metal Polish - using is believing

It has been difficult and expensive to source in the UK and Ireland
BUT not anymore...

A 50 GRAM TUBE DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR FOR £11.99 with free delivery